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We focus on YOU & results! At ZeddWellMD™, we continuously innovate to bring you the best treatments & procedures. No one else does it better

Tired of wasting
Time, Money & Energy

on trending products and treatments and still don’t see results?

Confused Which Skin Treatment or Procedure is Best For You

You should not need a PhD to look good, have great skin, or put your best face forward.

With so many “experts,” so many choices, and so little time, looking good and feeling great may seem like an impossible dream.

Frustrated with Free Consultations
That Only Deliver An Hour-Long Sales Pitch?

You are a hard working busy person. Your time is valuable.  You want to…

  • Be you
  • Be seen
  • Be celebrated

Since you do not have time and energy to waste, because you want an actual evaluation without pressure to buy, get a real cosmetic dermatology evaluation without the sale pressure.

Stop Wasting Time and Energy
Get an Aesthetic Dermatology Evaluation

Save your skin. Save time. Save money.

Find out exactly what’s wrong with your skin
and what works best for your specific skin type

Get To Know Your Face & Skin
Save Time. Save Money. Save Energy

What we do:
  • Dermatology medical history
  • Skin care review
  • Dermatology exam
  • Aesthetic evaluation
  • Medical skin care evaluation
What you get:
  • RX medication (if necessary)
  • Procedure recommendations
  • Product recommendations
  • Skin nutrition recommendations
  • The ClearSkin Diet

Value:$399 Our Price:$199
Your Price:$55

Experienced professionals, since 1999. We invented ClearBLŪ™ & TranzLift™.

At ZeddWellMD™, we continuously innovate to bring you the best treatments & procedures. We focus on results! No one else does it better.


Aesthetics / Skin Care

Meet PA Latrese Andre

20+ years experience in Aesthetics and Skin Care

If looking good and flawless skin are your goals, then PA Latrese is your preferred Aesthetic Provider. She has more than two decades experience in Aesthetic Dermatology, Skin Care, and Skin Nutrition. Whether you need Botox, DermaFillers, or Skin Rejuvenation, she will design a personalized plan to help you achieve your best skin and put your best face forward. From your evaluation to your treatment, expect a partnership based on truth, mutual respect, honesty and integrity.



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