Be Willing to Pay the Price for your Best Body Now and your Best Life

What is your greatest accomplishment in life? What have you done you are most proud of?

Welcome to ZeddLife, I am professor Zedd and this is a Zedd moment.

Today we are talking about paying the price for what you want. Whether it is your Best Body, losing belly fat, getting rid of cellulite or designing your best life, you must be willing to pay the price and bear the cost for you to achieve your best. This book, Everything is Meaningless, is one of the greatest achievements of my life. It is one of my proudest achievements, a book I wrote back and published in 2006.

It is what you call a wellness or self-help book. Writing this book took time, it required talent and it cost money. That is the price I had to pay to accomplish this great feat. It was a high price for me at the time, but I was willing to invest the time to improve my talent and to pay the price that was required for me to make this book Everything is Meaningless, possible.

Think about it, who is your greatest superhero or who is the person you admire the most, and what is it they have done, they accomplished that makes you admire them? If you pay attention, you will notice they had to pay the price and bear the cost to achieve what they set out to accomplish.

Ask yourself, what is your greatest achievement, what have you done you are most proud of, what are you excellent at. If you look closely, you notice you had to pay the price. You had to invest the three T’s; time, talent and treasure.

As someone who has been helping their bodies so they can live their best life, I have dealt with countless numbers of people over the last twenty plus years, and it’s amazing to me how they do things. Some are willing to bear the cost, but they’re not willing to pay the price.

They are willing to invest the time and do whatever it takes to achieve their best body, get rid of cellulite and remove belly fat without surgery; however, they have great difficulty parting with their money.

These people will go to great lengths to spend as little as possible or try to even scam their way into not spending any money at all. They bear the cost but are not willing to pay the price.

Other people gladly pay the price but refuse to bear the cost. They feel spending the money should be enough and should take care of everything. Here is what we know, in life you must be willing to, both, bear the cost and pay the price for what you want.

When you go to that restaurant, eat the food and then find a way not to pay for it, you may think you are getting away with something. You may have gotten away not spending the money, however you will bear the cost one way, shape or another; even if it is in the form of indigestion… (I made a funny.)

All jokes aside, in life, whatever it is you desire, if you want your best body now without surgery so you can live the best life that you can possibly have, be willing to bear the cost; spend the time, study, do what you need to do improve your skills, use your talents but most importantly, pay the price for what you desire. If you are willing to do those three things, I guarantee life will give you what you want.

One last thing, did you know life has to give you what you want? That’s right. Life cannot say no to you. It can throw obstacles your way, it can make it difficult, it can do a whole lot of things, but the fact is you have already won the race.

Use your talent, your time, and your treasures to get what you want. Be willing to pay the price, bear the cost and life will give you what you want.

Professor Zedd

Potentialist, author, speaker.

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