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*At DermaTranzMD, we strive to provide you the best results at affordable prices. As people vary, so do their results.

With LipoTranz Lose Inches Instantly*

No Surgery – No Pain – No Downtime – Fast Results – Budget Friendly

*As people vary, so do their results.

*As people vary, so do their results.

1 Treatment • 1 Hour • 1 Inch Smaller.* 

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Coolsculping cryolipolysis – Freeze Your Fat Away

Cryolipolysis, or coolscuplting, one of the latest additions to the aesthetic medicine chest, was invented by Harvard scientists to literally freeze fat without surgery. 

According to the manufacturer of zeltiq – a cryolipolysis device, the treatment is clinically proven to freeze fat without damaging the skin.

How Coolsculpting works

Through a process called “selective cryolipolysis,” cold energy is applied through the skin to underlying fat layer. The fat cells freeze and eventually die leading to a reduction of body size.

Because fat cells freeze at higher temperature than skin cells, no damage is done to the skin.

Adverse effects

What the manufacturer says

  • Decreased sensation in the treated area that may last up to four weeks
  • Mild to moderate discomfort (some people report severe pain after the procedure)
  • Temporary redness, tingling and bruising

What patients are saying

Several patients have reported severe abdominal pain. One woman described it as “worst than childbirth.” A quick search of the internet reveals several side effects:

  1. Severe abdominal
  2. Extreme swelling
  3. Long term numbness and tingling
  4. Nerve damage
  5. Lumps
  6. Unevenness in treated areas

There is a safer, pain-free way to remove belly fat without surgery

Why we don’t offer coolsculpting?


  • May take up to four months to see results

  • Unpredictable results

Side Effects

  • Too many dangerous side effects

It works against your body:

  • Coolsculpting doesn’t follow your body’s natural process of fat removal

Fit Better in your Clothes

Get LipoTranz Without Surgery, fit better in your clothes and have the confidence to be free.

*At DermaTranzMD, we strive to provide you the best results at affordable prices. As people vary, so do their results.

Remove belly fat without surgery

*Results may vary.

Target weight loss


*Results may vary.

Get rid of cellulite


*Results may vary.

Tighten loose skin

*Results may vary.

No surgery – No pain – No downtime – fast results- budget friendly

LipoTranz Benefits*


  1. Remove belly fat
  2. Target weight loss
  3. Contour and reshape


  1. Get rid of cellulite
  2. Lift and tighten loose skin
  3. Rejuvenate and look younger


  1. Increase metabolism
  2. Detoxify lymphatic system
  3. Balance hormones and reset metabolism


  1. Fit better in your clothes
  2. Improve body image
  3. Better health & Higher self-esteem

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How LipoTranz Compares to Coolsculpting

LipoTranz is the only non-surgical body treatment that follows your body’s natural process of fat elimination and rejuvenation to remove belly fat without surgery, get rid of cellulite and lift loose skin.

Coolsculting Cryosurgery

  • Initial results in 8 to 12 weeks
  • Expensive
  • Painful / severe pain
  • Downtime / need time off work to recuperate
  • Pain medications
  • Causes damage to body, lymphatic system & metabolism
  • Nerve damage

LipoTranz Without Surgery*

  • Results in 1 to 3 visits
  • Budget friendly
  • No surgery / no pain
  • No downtime
  • No anesthesia or pain medications
  • Detoxifies lymphatic system – follow body’s natural process
  • No nerve damage

To get your best body now and not gain the fat back,

What Is LipoTranz?

When diet, exercise or cosmetic surgery fails, consider Lipotranz® without surgery

LipoTranz Without Surgery is like liposuction or tummy-tuck except there is no surgery, no pain, no downtime and you get results similar or better than surgery.

Lipotranz® is a cosmetic medical procedure clinically proven to remove belly fat without surgery. You see results immediately after your first treatment.

Your body uses a 3-step process (melt, move, flush) to naturally break down fat. LipoTranz is the only non-surgical procedure that targets, mimics and accelerates your body’s natural process of fat breakdown.

With LipoTranz there is:

  • No surgery

  • No pain

  • No downtime

The treatment is safe and painless and you get results similar or better than surgery. Offered exclusively at Certified Clinics, this proprietary non-surgical cosmetic medical treatment:

  • Produces instant results*

  • Removes belly fat

  • Tightens loose skin

  • Gets rid of cellulite

  • Contours, reshapes and rejuvenates the body

*At DermaTranzMD, we strive to provide you the best results at affordable prices. As people vary, so do their results.

Actual LipoTranz Member After 4 Weeks of Treatment

Why LipoTranz Works So Well?

To get your best body now and not gain the fat back,

What Causes Resistant Belly Fat


No matter how much you diet or exercise, you may be genetically pre-disposed to store stubborn resistant fat in your belly, hips and thighs.
There are 3 main reasons why the body develops resistant belly fat:

Lifestyle Stressors

  • Chronic social stress

    (work, relationships, finances, kids, school etc.)

  • Chronic psychological stress

    (depression, anxiety, ADD, ADHD)

  • Chronic physical stress

    (diseases, medications, chronic pain, poor diet, lack of exercise)


  • Normal pregnancy

    baby fat

  • Complicated pregnancy, miscarriages

    Excess weight gain, pre-eclampsia, eclampsia, c-section


  • Cosmetic Surgery

    lipo, tummy tuck, breast; hysterectomy, c-section, abdominal

Over time, lifestyle stressors, surgery and pregnancy cause your body to develop hormone imbalance leading to resistant fat, cellulite, loose skin and faster body & skin aging. This is a condition we call Post Traumatic Lipodystrophy Syndrome (PTLS). 

How the body gets rid of fat

Your body uses a 3-step process to break down fat


It releases the fat from the fat cell


It moves the fat into the circulation


It flushes the fat through the urine and the bowels, and detoxifies

Resistant fat (PTLS) does not respond to the body’s natural process of fat breakdown, Lipotranz without surgery is the only solution, because it cures PTLS.

How LipoTranz Works

To get your best body now and not gain the fat back, you must:

  • Get Rid of Your Stubborn Resistant Fat

    Stimulate your body’s natural process of fat break down without surgery MELT. MOVE. FLUSH

  • Detoxify Your Lymphatic System

    Flush and detoxify your lymphatic system to remove wastes, toxins and excess hormones

  • Balance Your Hormonal Levels

    Reset hypothalamus and metabolism to normal

Follows body’s natural process

LipoTranz is the only fat removal treatment that follows your body’s natural process of fat elimination.

We use a LipoLaser to shrink your fat cells from the size of a grape to the size of a raisin. The Fat is released but the fat cell is not destroyed.


We melt and move your fat


We use a LipoLazer to breakdown and melt the fat.



Detoxify & flush the fat out of your body


We use an Electrical Lymphatic Stimulator to move the melted fat.

Your Body

Resets hypothalamus to normal


We use metabolic accelerator and detox kit to flush fat and toxins and reset metabolism.

LipoTranz Results

Actual LipoTranz patients. Results are not typical. As people vary so do their results.

*At DermaTranzMD, we strive to provide you the best results at affordable prices. As people vary, so do their results.

To get your best body now and not gain the fat back,

What To Expect

During your initial visit.

There are several different LipoTranz treatments available allowing us to meet the needs of each individual. The type of LipoTranz treatment recommended to an individual is based on his or her specific situation. As each person vary, a one size fits all approach would not work for everyone. During your evaluation we determine which LipoTranz treatment is best for you and perform a trial treatment where you may lose at least one inch. Results may vary.


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1 Treatment • 1 Hour • 1 Inch Smaller*

*Results may vary.

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  • Get rid of your stubborn, resistant belly fat

  • Visible results in under one hour

  • Lose at least 1 inch*

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LipoTranz F.A.Q

Depending on your specific body type, you may see “visible” results with your first LipoTranz treatment. Most of our patients see measurable with their first treatment and have visible results by the second or third visit. As people vary, so do their results.

Just like liposuction, LipoTranz® reduces your belly fat but without cosmetic surgery. Your results are permanent as long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Unlike cosmetic surgery, the best part about LipoTranz is you can have periodic treatments to maintain your results.e.

LipoTranz without surgery is the most comprehensive body contouring available since 1999. The cost of the procedure depends on your stage of PTLS which is determined by the amount of fat, type of fat, circulation status, and your skin condition. Cost begins at just $299 per session, per area and varies with the individuals. Please contact us for an evaluation to determine the exact cost for your specific needs.

Any healthy male or female can have LipoTranz without surgery. There are some medical conditions that are contraindications to the procedure. Please contact us to find out if you medically qualify for LipoTranz without surgery and to find out what other options we offer.

One of the more exciting facts about LipoTranz is there are no major side effects. The procedure is safe; there is no surgery, no pain and no downtime and you get results similar to or better than cosmetic surgery. Contact us to find out more about LipoTranz.

Depending on which LipoTranz procedure is recommended for you, your treatment may require one or several visits. The treatment is safe. Depending on which laser is used for your treatment, you may experience a warm tingly feeling in the treated area.

Depending on your PTLS stage, your LipoTranz treatment may require one or several visits. The average full LipoTranz treatment course takes six weeks. Click here or call us today to schedule your initial evaluation to learn which option is best for you and how LipoTranz can change your life.

Yes, LipoTranz contours, reshape and resizes your body without surgery. With a full LipoTranz treatment plan the body’s natural process of detoxification will produce up to a 10 pound weight loss. Members needing to lose more weight are advised to follow our GreenLite NutritionRx which can help them lose up to 30 pounds during the treatment. Click here or call to schedule your initial evaluation.

A one-time treatment produces minimal weight loss. Because LipoTranz is a comprehensive treatment that works with and enhances your body’s natural process of fat elimination, with a full treatment plan, there is a certain amount of weight loss (usually up to 10 pounds) that will occur with the detoxification process.

Getting started is easy. Call today, start today. The first step is to schedule your initial evaluation. We offer two types of initial visit. The first is the evaluation with a trial treatment. The cost is $299 and you can expect to lose up two inches with your trial treatment. You can also schedule an evaluation without a treatment and the cost is only fifty five dollars.  Click here or call us now to schedule your initial evaluation or request a FREE phone consultation.

To get your best body now and not gain the fat back,

We Love Our Members… and it shows

We Make It All About You

It’s all About You. We believe confidence is beautiful and it is the number one requirement to a balanced life. By helping our clients achieve their best body without surgery and teaching them the tools they need to continuously improve and maintain their ideal body, we are helping them improve their sef-image and self-esteem which will positively impact other aspects of their lives.

Expert Medical Staff

We are a group of individuals who has come together for the sole purpose of creating a little happiness in your everyday life through cosmetic improvements without surgery. All services at InfiniTrim Clinics are rendered by staff members qualified through training and experience.

In the field of cosmetics, providers have to be technicians – meaning they have to be highly skilled – not just have book knowledge or some initials behind their name. You can rest assured all our staff members are properly trained and credentialed to perform their duties.

Clinically Proven, Safe & Affordable Services

At DermaTranzMD, your safety and comfort are always our top priorities. Treatments may be performed by physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners or other qualified medical professionals. It is said “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Please take a look at our picture gallery to see how people are changing their lives through partnership with us. We are budget friendly; our focus is on getting you excellent results within your budget.

Truth in Business

We understand the nature of people who care about their appearance. We get you! We’ve been there. As a business based on S.M.A.R.T-Potential principles and beliefs, we treat our clients with respect, Honesty and integrity. Whereas expertise and service are the foundattions of our treatments, Truth and Love form the basis of our client relationships and business dealings.

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