Your 2 Types of Belly Fat & How your Body Naturally Gets Rid of Belly Fat

Today we are talking about fat, specifically the type of fats your body has, and how your body naturally breaks down fat for energy.

Your body has two types of fat. the first type of fat is what we call subcutaneous fat. the word subcutaneous means under the skin. So, subcutaneous fat is fat that is located under your skin.

The other type of fat found in your body is called visceral fat. this type of fat is not under your skin. Visceral fat is found inside your body; inside the belly around your internal organs. Subcutaneous fat may make you look bad, but visceral belly fat kills.

Whereas subcutaneous fat makes it difficult to fit in your clothes and generally makes you look bad in your favorite jeans, visceral fat causes serious diseases and may lead to death. Visceral fat is responsible for things like metabolic syndrome, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease and more.

To find out whether you have visceral belly fat or subcutaneous belly fat, you can do a pinch test. This is a technique often used to measure how much fat you have under the skin.

  1. Bear down like you are going to move your bowels, (do not actually move your bowels.)
  2. Try to grab your belly fat with your hands.

If you can grab most of your belly fat in your hands, it is likely you have mostly subcutaneous belly fat, not visceral belly fat. Also, visceral belly fat tends to be hard; your belly feels like a golf ball. People with visceral belly fat often look pregnant.

Another way to figure out your type of fat, is to have a fat test done. Several body fat testers are available that can differentiate your types of body fat based on their type and location.

Now let’s get to the good part.

How does your body break down fat? Say you have not eaten for a while and your body needs more energy, how does it get that energy? It goes to the liver where sugar is stored use it an immediate energy source.

Once the sugar in your liver start to get low, your body begins the process of breaking down fat for energy. Your body uses a 3-step process to naturally break down fat. you can think of that natural process as melt – move – flush.

  1. Lipolysis – fat is broken down; fat is released from the fat cell, but the fat cell remains intact. (Melt)
  2. Circulation – the fat enters your circulation where it is transported to the liver to be processed for energy. (Move)
  3. Detoxification – the byproducts of the fat breakdown, toxins, wastes etc. are excreted out of the body mostly through urine and bowels. (Flush)

This is important to know because any fat removal treatment or procedure you do which does not follow your body’s natural process of fat removal is bound to fail in the long run. It may give you temporary results, but the fat will come back with more of its friends and family; a lot more.

Remember, Melt-Move-Flush is the body’s natural way of processing fat; and any treatment you do should follow that natural process in order for you to get long-term results.

Live infinitely sexy, and forever young.

Professor Zedd

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